© Martine Pinnel

A new overseas exchange was launched in 2023 between Shinehouse theatre in Taipei and TROIS C-L. This new concept of immersion residency consists of a 3-week overseas residency for 1 choreographer from each of the two countries.

The Want to Dance festival is an exchange platform for independent choreographers that has been held annually since 2019. It is organised by the artistic director of the Shinehouse theatre, Po-Yuan Chung, and the dramaturge of the Kaohsiung-Weiwuying National Arts Centre, Yi-Wei Keng.

This two-year exchange will first see artist Wei-Yi Chen hosted at TROIS C-L  in November/December 2023. In 2024, Anne-Mareike Hess has been chosen to travel to Taiwan to work on her new research project, the results of which she will share during the Want to dance festival next April.

This exchange will continue in the coming years