Les Nouveaux.elles Créateur.rice.s

Following Les Émergences programme, TROIS C-L creates a new support project for up-and-coming choreographic artists who have already created one or two choreographic pieces.

Les Nouveaux.elles Créateur.rice.s aims to encourage the creation and development of Luxembourg choreographic scene with presentations of works from local choreographers at the Banannefabrik. This program intends to become a real launching platform in propelling artists with young careers to the forefront of the stage, whose artistic proposals deserve audience’s full attention, as well as the industry professionals.

Thanks to this kind of initiative, artists will be able to gain confidence, assurance and experience, while offering a choreographic work of quality, ready to shine nationally and internationally. With this project, TROIS C-L wishes to fully fulfill its missions such as supporting the independent choreographic scene, supporting artists and raising public awareness to contemporay dance and promoting national cultural heritage.


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